Why does rxjs 6 marbles documentation say “–(abc)-|” completes on frame 8? Code Answer

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I am reading over the marbles testing documentation for Rxjs 6, and found this part under the “Examples” section for “Marble Syntax”


Here is the example for my question:

‘–(abc)-|’: on frame 2 emit a, b, and c, then on frame 8 complete

Why does it say frame 8 for complete?

I count only 5 frames in total for the above string. The string (abc) should only count as a single frame. It’s then followed by another frame - then a complete |.

11  1  11 = sum(5)

So I don’t understand why it’s frame 8, but when I run the above in a unit test with marbles it outputs that it completed on frame 8.

So where are the 3 extra frames coming from?


This is intended because when the event is outside parentheses it calculates the frame only from its string position. I believe the main reason is that you can still put multiple marble diagram under each other and it’s still easily readable:


You can still easily tell when 5 is going to be emitted. If it worked as you expected then you’d have to manually subtract the frames to tell whether 5 goes before d and g for example.

It’s not very obvious from the source code but it advances frames for every character in the diagram (the advanceFrameBy(1) call):


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