Why does timestamp differ?

I was given a JSON file with timestamps.

One of them is: 1545880457898

I was able to get the actual date by doing: new Date(ticket.creationTime).toLocaleString(), and it gave me: 27/12/2018, 04:14:17.

Now, I tried converting the date: 27/12/2018 by doing: new Date(Number(split[2]),Number(split[1]),Number(split[0])).getTime(), and got: 1548543600000.

Which is very different, and especially very larger. This is a huge problem since I’m comparing them to sort them by creation time.

Anyone knows why do they differ? And how can I get the equivalent of case1?


It is because Date api takes month as number starting from 0, in this case it needs to be 11 instead of 12

new Date(Number(split[2]),Number(split[1]) - 1,Number(split[0])).getTime()

But it also won’t give exact 1545880457898, because we are not providing time to Date api

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