Autocomplete to show all options on focus. How?

I’m using jQuery UI autocomplete.

How do I show all the options available in the dropdown for an input field when it receives focus? Right now, I have to type something for the plugin to filter the options.

What I have right now

var $sessionTimes = "00:00 00:15 00:30 00:45 1:00 1:15".split(" ");

<input type="text" class="autocompleteTime" size="5" />


You have to set minChars to be 0, like this:

$('.autocompleteTime').autocomplete($sessionTimes, {minChars: 0});

Also note that you don’t have to start variable name with a $, you could just write sessionTimes everywhere you use it and it would be okay. Probably coming from a PHP background? 🙂