How do I remove empty p tags with jQuery?

The platform I’m building a website on produces empty p tags in wysiwyg mode. How can I take these out?

Something like this, perhaps…

$("<p> </p>").remove();

Although the code above does nothing.


The answer depends on what “empty” means. If the empty paragraphs are <p></p> then fireeyedboy’s p:empty selector is the way to go. If there could be spaces or newlines or other such things then you’ll probably want something like this:

$('p').each(function() {
    var $this = $(this);
    if($this.html().replace(/s|&nbsp;/g, '').length == 0)


FCKEditor (not sure about CKEditor or TinyMCE) likes to add <p>&nbsp;</p> to the HTML so you might need the above somewhat ugly approach.

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