How to select value on focus for a selectize?

I want to select value on focus for selectize.

At this moment, I can just click and remove the value, but I want click(focus) should select all value strings of selectize element.

You could see how Google calendar works while creating new event.

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On my side, if I click the time selectize element, then it should select all value strings and the selection can be removed or updated with new strings like Google.

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My time selectize element is the following.

// php
<div class="select-beast is-hide-selectize-arrow select-event-time-end">
    <select name='event_time_end' class='control is-normal select-time' required>
         <?php echo TimeHelper::get_times(); ?>

// php
function get_times ($default = '19:00', $interval = '+30 minutes') {

    $output = '';

    $current = strtotime('00:00');
    $end = strtotime('23:59');

    while ($current <= $end) {
        $time = date('H:i', $current);
        $sel = ($time == $default) ? ' selected' : '';

        $output .= "<option value="{$time}"{$sel}>" . date('h:i A', $current) .'</option>';
        $current = strtotime($interval, $current);

    return $output;

    const $selected_time_start = $('.select-beast select[name="event_time_start"]').selectize({
         create: true

    const selectize_event_start = $selected_time_start[0].selectize;

What I tried is to use focus event and select method like the following. But it didn’t work.

$('.select-beast select[name="event_time_start"]').focus(function() { $(this).select(); } );


After research over 3 hours, I’ve found the most relative answer.

I need to update the selectize version to the latest and use select_on_focus plugin.

The plugin is here.

How to use:

If you are using jQuery, you can use standalone version of selectize.

  <script src=""></script>
  <script src=""></script>
  <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
  <select class="selectize"></select>
  const $selectize = $('.selectize').selectize({
    options: options,
    plugins: ['select_on_focus'],

You see how to import the plugin, right?

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