How to stop propagating event from parent div to child div

I want to stop propagate event from parent div to child div in my html. Here a simple code what I’m trying to do:

  <div id='categoryList'>
    <div class='listed-category'>
      <span>some content</span>
      <a id='close'>x</a> //"a" is used to remove the div
<div id='dropdown'>

In the above code if I click on <div id='categoryList'> the <div id='dropdown'> will slide-up and down by bellow code.

$(document).ready(function () {

    $('#categoryList').click(function (event) {
        if ($('#dropdown').is(":visible")) {
        else {

But when I click on the child <div class='listed-category'> the above JavaScript executes and the <div id='dropdown'> is sliding up and down. How to stop this? Yet I want to be able to click on <a id='close'> to remove the child div


Check target for match clicked object. Try this code in beginning of click event handler.

if( !== this ) {
// stuff.. 

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