Loading local JSON file

I’m trying to load a local JSON file but it won’t work. Here is my JavaScript code (using jQuery):

var json = $.getJSON("test.json");
var data = eval("(" +json.responseText + ")");

The test.json file:

{"a" : "b", "c" : "d"}

Nothing is displayed and Firebug tells me that data is undefined. In Firebug I can see json.responseText and it is good and valid, but it’s strange when I copy the line:

 var data = eval("(" +json.responseText + ")");

in Firebug’s console, it works and I can access data.

Does anyone have a solution?


$.getJSON is asynchronous so you should do:

$.getJSON("test.json", function(json) {
    console.log(json); // this will show the info it in firebug console

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