Update a row using DataTable()

I would like to know the correct way to update/redraw a table row using the new API. Old questions suggest table.fnUpdate. Should I still be using the old API for this?

The new API tells me nothing about updating rows.

Thanks in advance!


I had a similar issue recently. I believe row().data() is what you are looking for https://datatables.net/reference/api/row%28%29.data%28%29

For example:

table.row( 0 ).data( newData ).draw();

Alternatively, you can use row().invalidate() https://datatables.net/reference/api/row%28%29.invalidate%28%29

var initialData = [new Data(), new Data()];
var table = $('#foo').Datatable({
  data: initialData
initialData[0].bar = 5;

This is more useful if you are deriving your data from an external data source.

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