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I want to use Linux. And at first I wanted Kali Linux, but it’s a bit complicated for me so. I found out that Linux Mint is suitable for beginners. But after some experience in Linux I want to use Kali Linux. And I wanted to ask what is the difference between the Linux Mint and Kali Linux commands? Thank you in advance.


If you are just starting with Linux the only differences you’ll notice are:

  • The software that is installed by default (but you can change that on both of them)
  • The default config settings (And you can also change this on both of them)
  • The contents of the repo’s (And again: adjustable…)

You will only notice (the more subtle) differences once you have more experience.

The following is probably worth mentioning: The last couple of years everyone that doesn’t have that much of experience with Linux but wants to become a pentester (or a blackhat) thinks it’s a good idea to use Kali.

Kali has indeed a lot of things builtin that will make pentesting less work for you which makes it a really good distro for a pentester. But that doesn’t mean that using Kali makes you a pentester.

Pretty much every Linux distro can be configured in such a way that it’s useful for pretty much every purpose. A pentester will just usually use Kali because he has to spend less time with configuration and, more important, he knows how to use it.

In other words: Don’t worry about the car if you can’t drive yet. Once you can do everything you want in Mint then it’s time to switch to Kali

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