Can’t set the bot’s avatar discord js

I saw my friend’s discord bot and it can change the avatar so I decided to might as well code that to my bot too(It won’t hurt right?). But when I execute the command it did work but it crashes my bot.

Here’s my code

    if (message.content == "-scp set avatar scare hamster"){
      let set = clients.user.setAvatar("./scare.jpg");
      let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
      .setTitle("Successfully setted the bots avatar!")
      .setImage("attachment://scare.jpg"){embeds: [embed, set], files: [`./scare.jpg`]})

the error I got when executed

C:Users1loveDropboxMy PC (DESKTOP-MEST1TS)DesktopBot Core AssetsSCP bot assetsnode_modulesdiscord.jssrcrestRequestHandler.js:298
throw new DiscordAPIError(data, res.status, request);
DiscordAPIError: Invalid Form Body
embeds[1].description: This field is required
at RequestHandler.execute (C:Users1loveDropboxMy PC (DESKTOP-MEST1TS)DesktopBot Core AssetsSCP bot assetsnode_modulesdiscord.jssrcrestRequestHandler.js:298:13)
at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
at async RequestHandler.push (C:Users1loveDropboxMy PC (DESKTOP-MEST1TS)DesktopBot Core AssetsSCP bot assetsnode_modulesdiscord.jssrcrestRequestHandler.js:50:14)
at async TextChannel.send (C:Users1loveDropboxMy PC (DESKTOP-MEST1TS)DesktopBot Core AssetsSCP bot assetsnode_modulesdiscord.jssrcstructuresinterfacesTextBasedChannel.js:171:15) {
method: 'post',
path: '/channels/856891414478848002/messages',
code: 50035,
httpStatus: 400,
requestData: {
json: {
content: undefined,
tts: false,
nonce: undefined,
embeds: [
title: 'Successfully setted the bots avatar!',
type: 'rich',
description: null,
url: null,
timestamp: 0,
color: 5763719,
fields: [],
thumbnail: null,
image: {
url: 'attachment://scare.jpg',
proxyURL: undefined,
height: undefined,
width: undefined
author: null,
footer: null
title: null,
type: 'rich',
description: null,
url: null,
timestamp: null,
color: null,
fields: [],
thumbnail: null,
image: null,
author: null,
footer: null
components: undefined,
username: undefined,
avatar_url: undefined,
allowed_mentions: undefined,
flags: undefined,
message_reference: undefined,
attachments: undefined,
sticker_ids: undefined
files: [
attachment: './scare.jpg',
name: 'scare.jpg',
file: ReadStream {
fd: null,
path: 'C:\Users\1love\Dropbox\My PC (DESKTOP-MEST1TS)\Desktop\Bot Core Assets\SCP bot assets\scare.jpg',
flags: 'r',
mode: 438,
start: undefined,
end: Infinity,
pos: undefined,
bytesRead: 15761,
closed: true,
_readableState: ReadableState {
objectMode: false,
highWaterMark: 65536,
buffer: [BufferList],
length: 0,
pipes: [],
flowing: true,
ended: true,
endEmitted: true,
reading: false,
constructed: true,
sync: false,
needReadable: false,
emittedReadable: false,
readableListening: false,
resumeScheduled: false,
errorEmitted: false,
emitClose: true,
autoDestroy: true,
destroyed: true,
errored: null,
closed: true,
closeEmitted: true,
defaultEncoding: 'utf8',
awaitDrainWriters: null,
multiAwaitDrain: false,
readingMore: false,
dataEmitted: true,
decoder: null,
encoding: null,
[Symbol(kPaused)]: false
_events: [Object: null prototype] {
error: [Function (anonymous)],
data: [Function: bound ]
_eventsCount: 2,
_maxListeners: undefined,
emit: [Function (anonymous)],
[Symbol(kFs)]: {
appendFile: [Function: appendFile],
appendFileSync: [Function: appendFileSync],
access: [Function: access],
accessSync: [Function: accessSync],
chown: [Function: chown],
chownSync: [Function: chownSync],
chmod: [Function: chmod],
chmodSync: [Function: chmodSync],
close: [Function: close],
closeSync: [Function: closeSync],
copyFile: [Function: copyFile],
copyFileSync: [Function: copyFileSync],
cp: [Function: cp],
cpSync: [Function: cpSync],
createReadStream: [Function: createReadStream],
createWriteStream: [Function: createWriteStream],
exists: [Function: exists],
existsSync: [Function: existsSync],
fchown: [Function: fchown],
fchownSync: [Function: fchownSync],
fchmod: [Function: fchmod],
fchmodSync: [Function: fchmodSync],
fdatasync: [Function: fdatasync],
fdatasyncSync: [Function: fdatasyncSync],
fstat: [Function: fstat],
fstatSync: [Function: fstatSync],
fsync: [Function: fsync],
fsyncSync: [Function: fsyncSync],
ftruncate: [Function: ftruncate],
ftruncateSync: [Function: ftruncateSync],
futimes: [Function: futimes],
futimesSync: [Function: futimesSync],
lchown: [Function: lchown],
lchownSync: [Function: lchownSync],
lchmod: undefined,
lchmodSync: undefined,
link: [Function: link],
linkSync: [Function: linkSync],
lstat: [Function: lstat],
lstatSync: [Function: lstatSync],
lutimes: [Function: lutimes],
lutimesSync: [Function: lutimesSync],
mkdir: [Function: mkdir],
mkdirSync: [Function: mkdirSync],
mkdtemp: [Function: mkdtemp],
mkdtempSync: [Function: mkdtempSync],
open: [Function: open],
openSync: [Function: openSync],
opendir: [Function: opendir],
opendirSync: [Function: opendirSync],
readdir: [Function: readdir],
readdirSync: [Function: readdirSync],
read: [Function: read],
readSync: [Function: readSync],
readv: [Function: readv],
readvSync: [Function: readvSync],
readFile: [Function: readFile],
readFileSync: [Function: readFileSync],
readlink: [Function: readlink],
readlinkSync: [Function: readlinkSync],
realpath: [Function],
realpathSync: [Function],
rename: [Function: rename],
renameSync: [Function: renameSync],
rm: [Function: rm],
rmSync: [Function: rmSync],
rmdir: [Function: rmdir],
rmdirSync: [Function: rmdirSync],
stat: [Function: stat],
statSync: [Function: statSync],
symlink: [Function: symlink],
symlinkSync: [Function: symlinkSync],
truncate: [Function: truncate],
truncateSync: [Function: truncateSync],
unwatchFile: [Function: unwatchFile],
unlink: [Function: unlink],
unlinkSync: [Function: unlinkSync],
utimes: [Function: utimes],
utimesSync: [Function: utimesSync],
watch: [Function: watch],
watchFile: [Function: watchFile],
writeFile: [Function: writeFile],
writeFileSync: [Function: writeFileSync],
write: [Function: write],
writeSync: [Function: writeSync],
writev: [Function: writev],
writevSync: [Function: writevSync],
Dir: [class Dir],
Dirent: [class Dirent],
Stats: [Function: Stats],
ReadStream: [Getter/Setter],
WriteStream: [Getter/Setter],
FileReadStream: [Getter/Setter],
FileWriteStream: [Getter/Setter],
_toUnixTimestamp: [Function: toUnixTimestamp],
F_OK: 0,
R_OK: 4,
W_OK: 2,
X_OK: 1,
constants: [Object: null prototype],
promises: [Getter]
[Symbol(kIsPerformingIO)]: false,
[Symbol(kCapture)]: false

So uhhhhh maybe help me find the issue? Please? Or at least identify it and let me know what’s wrong.


Firstly, embed needs to have a description.

let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
.setTitle("Successfully setted the bots avatar!")
.setDescription(`Set by ${}`)

Secondly, set is not an embed. I don’t understand why you put it there. Change it to this:{
embeds: [
files: [

I also advise you await the setting of the avatar (note this requires async callback)

await clients.user.setAvatar("./scare.jpg")