How I should use await in .push?

I have some database (its hosting database, on

568481051895136279: 'Lizia-test'
789481847895132112: 'Master-test'
854469844372160512: 'Aomira'
333652270895857674: 'ewt '

( as ‘key’ and some string as ‘value’)

I using next command to insert data: db.set("key", "value");

and this command to get data:
temp = db.get("key");

I’m creating array with’s who reacted on message: (reaction) => {
  let usersThatReacted = []; //Initiates usersThatReacted as an array
  if ( !== ":thumbsup:") return; //If the reaction checked isn't equal to :thumbsup:, return
  let reactedUsers = await reaction.users.fetch(); //Fetches the users that reacted with the :thumbsup: on the collected message => { //Maps out every user that reacted with :thumbsup:
      usersThatReacted.push(; //Pushes each user id's into the array

And after that I have a message from bot with:

568481051895136279 789481847895132112 854469844372160512 333652270895857674

But I wanna get values from db by these user IDs instead of users id, and I tried change this: usersThatReacted.push(; I’ve changed to usersThatReacted.push(db.get(; But 🙁 I have next in message from bot:

[object Promise] [object Promise] [object Promise] [object Promise]

Yea, i understand, that i must use some await, but second day finding information and trying, but cant do anytning( Help anyone, if u can( what i should do to get from bot:

Lizia-test Master-test Aomira ewt


As said in this comment, you can use Promise.all. This will automatically await all of the promises in the array and return an array (it is a promise which will have to be awaited) (Promise.all(usersThatReacted))

Untested code. If you get any errors just comment and I will try my best to fix it