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I have

    "_id" : ObjectId("5a25af80d2c4dd065991dccc"),
    "username" : "",
    "password" : "$2a$10$ptFyLKtyyrL5gMYdXS6wV.HLUA4Py5iudMJDldf5qsHFS4.9TPCyy",
    "role" : "Admin",
    "__v" : 0,
    "list" : [ 
            "name" : "We",
            "arr" : [ 
            "name" : "sandeep",
            "arr" : [ 

I want to add an element inside list.arr where name = ‘we’ and add only if the element does not exist

how do i perform this query.


By using this nested query I solved this problem. I’m doing it with Node JS'/prevList', (req, res) => {
  User.update({'_id', list: { $elemMatch: { name: } } },{  $addToSet: { "list.$.arr": {$each: req.body.arr} } },function(err,data) {


req.body: {name:'we',arr:["5a395bb0976d5304c07f7dd4"]}

and is the auth id.

Hope this helps you all too.

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