Is there a better way I can import/export a library of components?

I have a component library where I use index.ts to import/export the components. As I build components, I have to add more imports along with more exports. The work grows by O(n).

Is there a way I can export all imported files? That way I would only have to do import the components, which would cut the work in half. These components will be named imports such as import { ComponentOne, ComponentTwo } from '@library'


// Imports: Components
import ComponentOne from '../src/components/ComponentOne';
import ComponentTwo from '../src/components/ComponentTwo';
import ComponentThree from '../src/components/ComponentThree';
import ComponentFour from '../src/components/ComponentFour';

// Exports
export {


You could also look at Re-exporting/Aggregating per MDN Docs

Syntax would be cleaner i.e:

export { ComponentOne } from '../src/components/ComponentOne';