nodejs mssql insert with parameters

I’m new to NodeJS where I’m trying to insert into a table with parameters so I can avoid SQL Injection and just escape any characters that might cause issues.

So I currently have an application that insert into the data without parameters.

Here is what I have so far:

var fs = require('fs');
var sql = require('mssql');
var LINQ = require("node-linq").LINQ;
const simpleParser = require('mailparser').simpleParser;
var Client = require('yapople').Client;
var client = new Client({
  hostname: 'xxxxxx',
  port:  995,
  tls: true,
  mailparser: true,
  username: 'xxxxx',
  password: 'xxxxx'

const config = {
    user: 'xxxxxxx',
    password: 'xxxxx',
    server: 'xxxxx\',
    port: 'xxxxx'
    database: 'xxxxxx',
    options: {
        instanceName: 'xxxxx'

(async function () {
    try {
        let pool = await sql.connect(config)
        //Get all current emails
        let emails = await pool.request()
            .query('select uid from email')
        //Get uids only
        var uids = new LINQ(emails.recordset)
        .Select(function(email) {return email.uid;})

        //Get all emails
        client.connect(function() {
            client.retrieveAll(function(err, messages) {
                messages.forEach(function(message) {
                    //Check if the message exists in our database already.
                    var messageId = message.messageId;

                    var emailExists = new LINQ(uids)
                        .Where(x=>x == messageId).ToArray();

                    //If the message do not exists then add them to the database
                    if(emailExists.length == 0){
                        var sentDate = new Date(;
                        var subject = message.subject;
                        var body = message.text;
                        var mailAddress = "";
                        var mailAddressName = "";
                        if(message.from.length > 0){
                            mailAddress = message.from[0].address;
                            mailAddressName = message.from[0].name;

                       const request = pool.request();
                    request.input('uid', sql.VarChar, messageId);
                    request.input('mail_address', sql.VarChar, mailAddress);
                    request.input('mail_address_display_name', sql.VarChar, mailAddressName);
                    request.input('subject', sql.VarChar, subject);
                    request.input('body', sql.VarChar, body);
                    request.input('sent_date', sql.DateTime, sentDate);
                    request.input('created_by', sql.VarChar, 'system');

                    let result = await request.query('INSERT INTO email(uid, mail_address, mail_address_display_name, subject, body, sent_date, created_by) OUTPUT INSERTED.ID values (@uid, @mail_address, @mail_address_display_name, @subject, @body, @sent_date, @created_by)', (err, result) => {


    } catch (err) {
        // ... error checks

I was looking at prepared statements but I could not get that working.

Here is what I was attempting with prepared statements

const ps = new sql.PreparedStatement();

ps.input('uid', TYPES.VarChar);  
ps.input('mail_address', TYPES.VarChar);  
ps.input('mail_address_display_name', TYPES.VarChar);
ps.input('subject', TYPES.VarChar);
ps.input('body', TYPES.VarChar);
ps.input('sent_date', TYPES.DateTime);
ps.input('created_by', TYPES.VarChar);

ps.prepare('INSERT INTO email(uid, mail_address, mail_address_display_name, subject, body, sent_date, created_by) ' +
    ' OUTPUT INSERTED.email_id VALUES (@uid, @mail_address, @mail_address_display_name, @subject, @body, @sent_date, @created_by)', 
    err => {
            uid: messageId, 
            mail_address: mailAddress, 
            mail_address_display_name: mailAddressName,
            subject: subject,
            body: body,
            sent_date: sentDate,
            created_by: 'system'
        }, (err, result) => {
            // ... error checks
            ps.unprepare(err => {
                var x =1;


You can use the connection pool request object to add parameters, e.g.

const request = pool.request()
request.input('myval', sql.VarChar, 'value')
request.query('insert into testtable (somecolumn) values (@myval)', (err, result) => {

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