Reset Node app on Azure to the default container image

I’ve created a Node 14 Web app on Azure. For Publish, I chose Code (not Container). Then I’ve changed the default container image with az webapp config container set. Question, how can I revert that to the default image (which was NODE|14-lts)?

Running az webapp config container set --docker-custom-image-name 14-lts resets it to DOCKER|14-lts, which is not the same.

Running az webapp config container set --docker-custom-image-name "NODE|14-lts" produces an error.


We have tested in our local environment(created a webapp with Linux as runtime ) below findings are based on the analysis.

If you are using docker container as publish mode then LinuxFxVersion value will be “DOCKER|node:14-lts” you cannot change the value of LinuxFxVersion to “NODE|14-LTS”.

If you want “NODE|14-LTS” value in LinuxFxVersion in the site properties you need change the publish mode from docker container to code mode by using the below cmdlet.

az webapp config set --name <webappName> --resource-group <resourceGroupName> --linux-fx-version 'Node|14-LTS'