Sublime Text 3 – integrated terminal?

I normally use the WebStorm IDE for Node.js and FE JavaScript development. However I was thinking of using Sublime Text 3 since I am running out of computing power on a crappy old Macbook Pro and ST3 should be lighter on memory and CPU.

However, my one hangup is that ST3 doesn’t seem to have a command line terminal integration possible. I find this to be a very useful feature that’s available in Eclipse and WebStorm.

I did some Googling and I don’t see any great terminal integration plugins for ST3, is there such a thing or not?

Here is WebStorm with the terminal integrated:

enter image description here


The below original answer is now outdated; see below answer by Svish.

I was wondering the same thing a while back, and I believe the answer is: no.

There’s no good terminal integration in ST3, except, maybe, for Terminal, which simply takes you to the terminal from any given project folder.
Works ok, but not sure how much it really saves.

No way to have it in the ST3 window AFAIK.

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