TypeError: message.client.commands.array is not a function

I wanted to update my help command from djs v12.5.3 to v13 but I got this error: TypeError: message.client.commands.array is not a function

Here is my code I used before:

let commands = message.client.commands.array();
commands.forEach((cmd) => {
    if(cmd.name == args[0].toLowerCase() || cmd.aliases.includes(args[0].toLowerCase())) {
                    embed.addField("**Description**", `${cmd.description}`, false)
                    embed.addField("**Usage**", `${cmd.usage}`, true)
                    embed.addField("**Aliases**", `${cmd.alias}`, true)
                    embed.addField("**Examples**", `${cmd.examples}`, true)
                    message.channel.send({ embeds:  });

I tried changing let commands = message.client.commands.array(); to let commands = message.client.commands.values(); but got another error: TypeError: commands.forEach is not a function! How can I list my commands again on v13?


That function was removed. Instead of .array, you need to do the following:

let commands = [...message.client.commands.values()]

However there is no reason to convert, unless you want to display all the values easily.

message.client.commands.each will work just fine

message.client.commands.each((cmd) => {})