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So I want to create a web-app with NodeJS which accesses three different APIs:

  • My Own RESTful-API connected to a database
  • Third party API #1
  • Third party API #2

Should I really implement access to all three APIs in my web-app or should I expand my own API to work as an interface to the other two APIs?

I know this question may be very subjective but I didn’t find anything about this situation on the web. I hope someone can give me some information how to deal with this situation.


An api gatweway sound like a good solution for you.

In general – Your client app will communicate only with the gateway, and the gateway it self will redirect the request into your relevant web app.

I recommend you to read this article about API Gateways: https://blog.risingstack.com/building-an-api-gateway-using-nodejs/

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