ampersand problem with wordpress categories

I have an array of categories, some with an & i.e. events & entertainment. My script imports these categories and gets the ID of each using its name. i.e.: $cat_id = array(get_cat_id($linearray[0]),get_cat_id($linearray[1]),get_cat_id($linearray[2]),get_cat_id($linearray[3])); My script then adds a post to wp using these category ID’s. My problem is that categories from my import with the & are not imported. These same categories (when an email notice is sent) break the email at the &. Is there a simple workaround to this?


When you are writing post, instead of & you can write & there and it will be translated to & without any problems.

Also you could use the str_replace function to convert that to & eg:

$new_text = str_replace('&', '&', $your_string);