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I am taking a string which I am parsing with Carbon and specifying the timezone at UTC. Then, I am switching the timezone to America/Denver and outputting a formatted string and the time value does not change. What am I doing wrong? I have searched all over and everything I have read shows me that this should work.

$date = Carbon::parse('2018-08-19 10:43:15', 'UTC');
Log::info($date->format('n/j/y g:i A'));


Log::info($date->format('n/j/y g:i A'));

My log returns:

[2018-08-19 11:23:17] local.INFO: UTC  
[2018-08-19 11:23:17] local.INFO: 8/19/18 10:43 AM  
[2018-08-19 11:23:17] local.INFO: America/Denver  
[2018-08-19 11:23:17] local.INFO: 8/19/18 10:43 AM  


There was no code error. This is a CentOS 7 server. When I changed my timezone I copied the UTC file to /etc/localtime overwriting the currently symlinked America/Denver file in /usr/shared/zoneinfo. The proper procedure is to delete the symlink of /etc/localtime and recreate it pointing to the correct timezone file. Because my America/Denver file had been overwritten by the UTC file then the server was returning America/Denver times as UTC.

My solution was the copy the America/Denver file from another server and overwrite my broken America/Denver file. This resolved my problem.

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