Get the Last Inserted Id Using Laravel Eloquent

I’m currently using the below code to insert data in a table:


public function saveDetailsCompany()
    $post = Input::All();

    $data = new Company;
    $data->nombre = $post['name'];
    $data->direccion = $post['address'];
    $data->telefono = $post['phone'];
    $data->email = $post['email'];
    $data->giro = $post['type'];
    $data->fecha_registro = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");
    $data->fecha_modificacion = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

    if ($data->save()) {
        return Response::json(array('success' => true), 200);

I want to return the last ID inserted but I don’t know how to get it.

Kind regards!


After save, $data->id should be the last id inserted.


Can be used like this.

return Response::json(array('success' => true, 'last_insert_id' => $data->id), 200);

For updated laravel version try this

return response()->json(array('success' => true, 'last_insert_id' => $data->id), 200);

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