How can I convert the array to a string variable in php codeigniter?

I am new to Codeigniter and want to display my state_name which I believe in an array, but I want the first element in that array to be in a variable and be displayed

I am getting the output as: Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [state_name] => XYZ state ) ) the output I want is just XYZ state

My controller goes like this:

  public function downloadd()
        $state_id=$this->input->post('state');   //gets me state_id from my view
        $state_name = $this->New_model->getStatename($state_id); //gets me state_name in form of above output

And here is my model code:

public function getStatename($state_id) {
    return $state_name; //geting users data from db in result array

Please tell me where am I going wrong, Thanks for any contribution in advance 🙂


Just edit your last two lines of code in your model as follows:

$ans= $this->db->get('states')->row_array();
return $ans['state_name'];

This shall do the needful.

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