How to dynamically set a parent table when accessing a collection?

I’m trying to fetch data from dynamically different tables depending on which user is logged on and if he is allowed to edit said table, what I thought was going to work was this:

$colaboradores = Colaboradore::where('email', '=', Auth::user()->email)->first();
$tables = DB::connection('mysql2')->select("SHOW TABLES LIKE 'intervencoes_%'");
foreach ($tables as $object) {
    $arrays[] = (array)$object;
foreach ($arrays as $array) {
    $string = implode('', $array);
    $test = $colaboradores->Niveis->$string->id;

And it outputs an error on the last bit of code saying "Trying to get property 'id' of non-object" I have been looking around for hours but couldn’t find anything related. This is all inside a livewire component by the way.

Thanks in advance.





Since $colaboradores->Niveis->$string returns a Collection, you need to iterate over it to get results.

$test = [];
foreach ($colaboradores->Niveis->$string as $obj) {
    $test[] = $obj->id;

Then you can check the IDs in $test with dd($test); for example.

This can cause a problem if $obj is not a real object, so you could check it with:

if (!is_object($obj)) {
    //Do something - Not an object!

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