How to explode only on the last occurring delimiter?

$split_point = ' - ';
$string = 'this is my - string - and more';

How can I make a split using the second instance of $split_point and not the first one. Can I specify somehow a right to left search?

Basically how do I explode from right to left. I want to pick up only the last instance of ” – “.

Result I need:

$item[0]='this is my - string';
$item[1]='and more';

and not:

$item[0]='this is my';
$item[1]='string - and more';


You may use strrev to reverse the string, and then reverse the results back:

$split_point = ' - ';
$string = 'this is my - string - and more';

$result = array_map('strrev', explode($split_point, strrev($string)));

Not sure if this is the best solution though.

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