How to use Poedit with smarty templates?

I’m using PoEdit on smarty templates (phtml and tpl files) with the following Poedit configuration for PHP parser :



Parser command :

xgettext --language=PHP --force-po -o %o %C %K %F

If i’m using gettext inside PHP tags <?php _('test'); ?> Poedit detect that translation as expected. But i’m using Smarty {_('test')} for displaying the translation, Poedit don’t detect it.

Is there a way to make Smarty detect { and } characters as PHP tags ?


Recently I got to work with Yii used with Smarty and gettext. but poedit not support the syntax of smarty.

And here comes the use of PoeditSmarty allowed Poedit recognize the syntax of Smarty.

{t}Text to be localized{/t}
{"Text to be localized"|_} 
{_("Text to be localized")}

Very simple to use, PoeditSmarty creates a “pot” file which Poedit know to read.

For example, I have a file “Header.tpl”

        <form class="login" method="post" id="login">
        <div class="wrap">
            <input type="text" autofocus="" placeholder="{__('Username')}" class="form-control" name="username">
            <input type="password" placeholder="{__('Password')}" class="form-control" name="password">
            <div class="captcha">
                <img alt="" src="" id="codeImage">
                <label class="checkbox">
                    <span class="pull-right">
                        <a href="#" id="code" class="forgot">{__('Get a new code')}</a>
                <input type="text" placeholder="{__('verify Code')}" class="form-control" name="verifyCode">
            <button type="submit" class="btn login-btn" name="submitLogin">
                <i class="fa fa-lock"></i>
                {__('Log me in')}
            <div class="password">
                <p>{__('Do you not remember your password')} ?</p>
                <a data-toggle="modal" class="forgot">{__('Password Recovery')}</a>
            <h3 class="logo">{__('siteName')}</h3>

I’ll run the PoeditSmarty via cmd

java -jar "C:Program FilesPoeditGettextToolsbinPoeditSmarty.jar" -o C:UsersMikeDesktopxxxtempPot.pot -c UTF-8 -k __ -f header.tpl

The result of pot file

    # [email protected]
    # Garefild <[email protected]>, 2015-2020.

    msgid ""
    msgstr ""
    "Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSIONn"
    "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: n"
    "POT-Creation-Date: 2015-12-29 16:47n"
    "PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONEn"
    "Last-Translator: FULL NAME <[email protected]>n"
    "Language-Team: LANGUAGE <[email protected]>n"
    "Language: n"
    "MIME-Version: 1.0n"
    "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=CHARSETn"
    "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bitn"

    #: header.tpl:48
    msgid "Password Recovery"
    msgstr ""

    #: header.tpl:36
    msgid "Get a new code"
    msgstr ""

    #: header.tpl:29
    msgid "Username"
    msgstr ""

    #: header.tpl:39
    msgid "verify Code"
    msgstr ""

    #: header.tpl:51
    msgid "siteName"
    msgstr ""

    #: header.tpl:27
    msgid "login"
    msgstr ""

    #: header.tpl:47
    msgid "Do you not remember your password"
    msgstr ""

    #: header.tpl:31
    msgid "Password"
    msgstr ""

    #: header.tpl:43
    msgid "Log me in"
    msgstr ""

via Poedit

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