Is it possible to get special Local Disk information from PHP?

I am running my PHP code on my local computer,So ,I just want to know the PHP has any functions to get the local hard disk information.Such as the disk name , disk space,free space available .etc.

Thank you very much!!


In addition, yes, it is possible to retrieve this information, because you can execute commands. There are a few PHP functions to retrieve information about the disk as well, check out the following links:

Retrieving the disk’s name, however, needs to be done with a command. I’ve just booted Windows in VirtualBox and it seems the following would work:

if( preg_match( '~Volumenaam : (.*)~i', `fsutil fsinfo volumeinfo C:\`, $matches ) ) {
    echo $matches[1];

Volumenaam is Dutch for “Volumename”. I only have the Dutch version of Windows, so you’d have to check what the actual string is.

Good luck.

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