Is there a function to extract a ‘column’ from an array in PHP?

I have an array of arrays, with the following structure :

array(array('page' => 'page1', 'name' => 'pagename1')
      array('page' => 'page2', 'name' => 'pagename2')
      array('page' => 'page3', 'name' => 'pagename3'))

Is there a built-in function that will return a new array with just the values of the ‘name’ keys? so I’d get:

array('pagename1', 'pagename2', 'pagename3')


Why does it have to be a built in function? No, there is none, write your own.

Here is a nice and easy one, as opposed to others in this thread.

$namearray = array();

foreach ($array as $item) {
    $namearray[] = $item['name'];

In some cases where the keys aren’t named you could instead do something like this

$namearray = array();

foreach ($array as $key => $value) {
    $namearray [] = $value;

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