Magento :: Translate text from javascript files

Magento uses a system for translating text in the template files using:

$this->__('text to be translated.');


Mage::helper('modulename')->__('text to be translated.');.

This works quite well. But when I add text to a javascript file I can’t use these two methods.

Is there a way I could do a similar thing with the translations for javascript files?


You can do it in a template file yourfile.phtml. The javascript script js/mage/translate.js must be included in your html header (Magento does it by default).

<script type="text/javascript">
Translator.add('You should take care of this confirmation message!','<?php echo Mage::helper('yourmodule')->__('You should take care of this confirmation message!')?>');

EDIT: You can since Magento 1.7 add a file jstranslator.xml into your module under the etc/ folder and set the following string like that:

    <!-- validation.js -->
    <validate-no-html-tags translate="message" module="core">
        <message>HTML tags are not allowed</message>
    <validate-select translate="message" module="core">
        <message>Please select an option.</message>

Then translate the string as you do it for PHP thanks to CSV file This, will add the translation to the javascript code like the following var Translator = new Translate(...)