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My friends helped me to install composer, laravel I have also downloaded some laravel projects through SVN. I just wanted to start my own another laravel project. After hours spent on reading about it I honestly do not understand how to create a new laravel project in netbeans. After clicking new project there is option of chosing framework like zend or symphony but my laravel is not there. Could someone advide me please?

EDIT: I can see a lot of views on this topic so I will just say that it is only necessary to install composer, do everything according to laravels manual and only open the project through netbeans, not create it there directly.


If you read the Installation section from the Laravel Docs you’ll see that you only need to run a couple of commands to create a new Laravel app. Open a terminal (command prompt if you’re on Windows) and type the following commands:

1. Get the Laravel installer:

composer global require "laravel/installer=~1.1"

2. Go to the directory you want to install Laravel in:

cd path/to/directory

3. Then make sure you have added the composer vendor directory to the PATH system variable (instructions) by appending the following (of course, replace [username] in that path with your actual Windows username):


4. Create a new Laravel:

laravel new myapp

The last command will create the app in path/to/directory/myapp. Then all you need to do is create a new project and selecting the source folder you just created your Laravel application in:

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