Newbie – eclipse workflow (PHP development)

this is a bit of a newbie question but hoping I can get some guidance. I’ve been playing around with Eclipse for a couple months yet I’m still not completely comfortable with my setup and it seems like every time I install it to a new system I end up with different results.

What I’m hoping to achieve is (I think) fairly standard.

In my environment I’d like SVN (currently using Subclipse), FTP support (currently using Aptana plugin), debugging (going to use XDebug) and all the usual bells and whistles of development (code completion, refactoring, etc.)

My biggest current issue is how to set up my environment to support both a ‘development’ and ‘production’ server. Optimally I would be able to work directly against the dev server (Eclipse on my Vista desktop against the VM Ubuntu dev server) and then push to production server (shared hosting). I’d prefer to work directly against the dev server (with no local project files, just using the Connections provided by Aptana) but I’m guessing this won’t allow for code-completoin or all the other bells and whistles provided for development. Any thoughts?

Kind of an open ended question, but maybe this could be an opportunity for some of you with a great deal of experience using Eclipse to describe your setups so people like me can get some insight into good ways to get set up.


I always work with local copy of dev. server environment, so – as you said yourself – I could have full code with auto-completion goodness, but at the same time I am using FileSync plugin for Eclipse which makes things easier – every time I change something – it syncs to the remote dev. server where I can directly do the testing.

That’s the dev. part. The deployment to production environment has nothing to do with my Eclipse setup directly. Once I am happy with my current state of project – I commit all things (of course not only then) to CVS (but it not really matters which version control you’re using), tag it with some release tag and then use scripts which does the deployment to production machine by given release tag (fetches needed things from CVS by given tag and puts them to production machines).

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