PayPal Checkout : LiveEnvironment class not found

I am making a website with PayPal integration and I’m looking at the tutorial … In sandbox everything works fine, but in Live it’s not working…

The point is, the payment is well executed, but then I try to retrieve the order informations and I get :

<br />
<b>Fatal error</b>:  Uncaught Error: Class 'PayPalCheckoutSdkCoreLiveEnvironment' not found in /api/sources/Classes/PaypalClient.php:25
Stack trace:
#0 /api/sources/Classes/PaypalClient.php(16): PayPalClient::environment()
#1 /api/sources/Controllers/PaymentController.php(116): PayPalClient::client()
#2 [internal function]: PaymentController-&gt;update()
#3 /api/vendor/pecee/simple-router/src/Pecee/SimpleRouter/Route/Route.php(119): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#4 /api/vendor/pecee/simple-router/src/Pecee/SimpleRouter/Router.php(286): PeceeSimpleRouterRouteRoute-&gt;renderRoute(Object(PeceeHttpRequest))
#5 /api/vendor/pecee/simple-router/src/Pecee/SimpleRouter/SimpleRouter.php(52): PeceeSimpleRouterRouter-&gt;routeRequest()
#6 /api/sources/autoload.php(23): PeceeSimpleRouterSimpleRouter::start()
#7 /api/autoloader.php(7): require_once('/home/soinsdesz...')
#8 /api/public/index.php in <b>/api/sources/Classes/PaypalClient.php</b> on line <b>25</b><br />

This is my PaypalClient.php class :


use PayPalCheckoutSdkCorePayPalHttpClient;
use PayPalCheckoutSdkCoreSandboxEnvironment;
use PayPalCheckoutSdkCoreLiveEnvironment;

class PayPalClient
     * Returns PayPal HTTP client instance with environment that has access
     * credentials context. Use this instance to invoke PayPal APIs, provided the
     * credentials have access.
    public static function client()
        return new PayPalHttpClient(self::environment());

     * Set up and return PayPal PHP SDK environment with PayPal access credentials.
     * This sample uses SandboxEnvironment. In production, use LiveEnvironment.
    public static function environment()
        return (ENV === "prod") ? new LiveEnvironment(PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID, PAYPAL_PRIVATE_KEY) : new SandboxEnvironment(PAYPAL_CLIENT_ID, PAYPAL_PRIVATE_KEY);

Can anyone help me please?


Ok … I found the solution … So …

In the tutorial it’s said : “use LiveEnvironment instead” … It’s WRONG (thanks PayPal!!! Really) the correct class name is ProductionEnvironment !

Can PayPal modify his tutorial please :

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