phpstan not pass over strip_tags

i have string of html which i want to explode by <br>, but sometimes it can be inside of other tags.

if (in_array($param, $customOrdering, true) && $value) {
    $ordering = array_search($param, $customOrdering, true);
    $segments[$ordering] = [];
    if (in_array($param, $explodeParams, true)) {
        $values = explode('<br>', $value);
        foreach ($values as $v) {
            $testing_value = $v;
            if (!empty(trim(strip_tags($testing_value)))) {
                array_push($segments[$ordering], $this->createSegmentFromParam($param, $v));
138         } elseif (!empty(trim($v)) && $segments[$ordering]) {
139             end($segments[$ordering])->value_raw .= strip_tags($v, $this->allowedTags);
    } else {
        array_push($segments[$ordering], $this->createSegmentFromParam($param, $value));

declaration of createSegmentFormParam

 @return ArrayHash
private function createSegmentFromParam($param, $value)

and i have this output from phpStan

 138    Right side of && is always false.                                    
 139    Cannot access property $value_raw on false.

any ideas how to pass on ? code working well


There is still an open issue for similar behaviour or PHP Stan – False negative with array_push on property

Try not using array_push and replace it on line 138 with the following:

$segments[$ordering][] = $this->createSegmentFromParam($param, $v);

Apart from this in the beginning of your code array_search may return FALSE you do want to check this before going further down the code…

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