symfony server:start always taking prod configuration

I have a weird issue with Symfony, in my local environment when I run symfony server:start it’s taking production configuration not dev configuration.

I have two index files in the public folder index.php and index_dev.php. I also added a .env.local with APP_ENV=dev

Also, I tried to set environment variables as the following.

export SYMFONY_ENV=dev

But index.php is always loaded, and not index_dev.php as I expected.

How I can fix this?


It seems you are copying the app_dev.php pattern, which is how it used to be in olden times (up to Symfony 3).

Fortunately, that’s no longer how things are done. Since Symfony 4, you should have a single front-controller.

All requests should go through the same entry script (index.php, generally), and there you can implement whatever logic you need taking into account the different environments.

The default index.php file already has some logic to account for the APP_DEBUG environment variable being set, you could always modify this file to add other behaviour depending on the environment.