unable to create files from linux library via php

I have an application in php that works on the docker. I would like to send a command from php code to container that should create files (some_dir/certs/cert.crt etc.). This command i run like this (by system/exec/shell_exec or symfony/process)

system("traefik-certs-dumper file --source acme.json --dest some_dir --version v2");

When php run this code then directory has been created but not files, also i don’t have any error. This command works when i make it from terminal via docker exec but not from php. This is probably some permission problem between php and docker container, but i don’t know how can i set it. I’m trying to set in docker file this, but not working:

RUN chmod 777 /go/bin/traefik-certs-dumper
RUN usermod -u 1000 www-data

also standard command works like this:

system("mkdir -p some_dir_1234");
system("touch some_dir_1234/some_file_1234");

How can I allow an installed library to create files?


I finally was able to find a solution. In a separate container, I had a process supervisor running, who saw this file, because it was mounted to the main application directory also. What had to be done was to mount the file to the main container and the supervisor container.

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