WooCommerce REST API – GET Custom Checkout Page Fields for Order

I’m using the WooCommerce REST API (http://woocommerce.github.io/woocommerce-rest-api-docs/#introduction) and have added a new field (shipping_phone) to the checkout page using their example here:


This new field appears on the checkout page and I can populate this and it is saved to my order – here’s how it appears in the WordPress admin page for an order:

enter image description here

I’m now trying to download the Order with the shipping_phone data by using this GET request:


but the shipping_phone field isn’t included in the downloaded fields. Here’s the Shipping fields from the GET response:

"shipping": {
"address_1": "45 Jones Road", 
"address_2": "", 
"city": "Bondi", 
"company": "BS Consulting Pty Ltd", 
"country": "AU", 
"first_name": "Betty", 
"last_name": "Sanders", 
"postcode": "2026", 
"state": "NSW"

It’s also not located anywhere else in the JSON data. How do I do a GET request to get an Order which includes this new custom field?


You can use the WooCommerce REST API v2 or later to get the Order Meta Data which includes these custom fields. If you GET an Order:


it will include a meta_data array with these custom field values:

"meta_data" : 
        "id" : 4672,
        "key" : "_shipping_method",
        "value" : [ "flat_rate:1" ]
        "id" : 4673,
        "key" : "_shipping_phone",
        "value" : "08 9632 7412"

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