Xampp Zend_Mail_Protocol_Exception: Unable to find the socket transport “ssl” – libraryZendMailProtocolAbstract.php:277

I have been trying for the best part of an hour for us to enable SSL for our emails to be sent through google, but when ever i test it , I get this error

(It says generated 19 mins ago but I assure you I have been trying a lot harder.)

We are using Xampp and google apps as our SMTP server for emails, particulartly when a user signs up. Ive broken PHP 3 times now so im a little stuck.
Here are some things

![Panel SSL][2]
![Panel Error][3]

(I have pastebinned to keep the formatting)


The problem was apache and php5, simply my smtp settings were incorrect and were not godaddy’s, the username and password should have been that of the email and not of my login for godaddy.

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