AIRFLOW: use .replace() or relativedelta() in jinja template for {{ds}}

My goal is to return 1st day of previous month based on airflow macro variable {{ds}} and use it e.g. in HiveOperator.

E.g. For ds = 2020-05-09 I expect to return: 2020-04-01

The solution I found and tried were:

SET hivevar:LAST_MONTH='{{ (ds.replace(day=1) - macros.timedelta(days=1)).replace(day=1) }}';
SET hivevar:LAST_MONTH='{{ ds + macros.dateutil.relativedelta.relativedelta(months=-1, day=1) }}'

But both resulted in errors:

Error rendering template: replace() takes no keyword arguments 

Error rendering template: must be str, not relativedelta 

and when rendered didn’t show any dates.

What am I doing wrong?


You can use:

{{ (execution_date + macros.dateutil.relativedelta.relativedelta(months=-1, day=1)).strftime("%Y-%m-%d") }}


from airflow.operators.bash_operator import BashOperator
default_args = {
    'owner': 'airflow',
    'start_date': datetime(2020, 4, 1),

with DAG(dag_id='stackoverflow',
         ) as dag:
    run_this = BashOperator(
        bash_command='echo ds is {{ ds }} modified ds is {{ (execution_date + macros.dateutil.relativedelta.relativedelta(months=-1, day=1)).strftime("%Y-%m-%d") }}',

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