Article web Scraping using beautiful soup

I am trying to get the article text,header and published date of the article from the below URL

while I am trying to scrape the ‘article’ container with class “news-container cf” it returns 0 rows.

#Reprex Code

url = ""

# Request
r1 = requests.get(url, verify=False)

# We'll save in coverpage the cover page content
coverpage = r1.content

# Soup creation
soup1 = BeautifulSoup(coverpage, "html5lib")

# News identification
coverpage_news = soup1.find_all('article' , class_ ='news-container cf')
len(coverpage_news) ```


That is because this is being loaded dynamically, you need to call the APIs directly

import requests

data = requests.get('').json()

body = data['AmpBody']
title = data['Title']
date = data['PublishedDate']
year = data['PublishedYear']

print(body, title, date, year, sep='n')

# <article><p class="lead">US hot-roll...
# US HRC: Prices rise as supply remains tight
# 11 May
# 2021