Assign Constructor argument with static method pointer in python? Code Answer

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Getting undefined error with the below program

class SignalHandler(object):  # pylint:  disable=too-few-public-methods
Handles various user generated signals

    def __init__(self,

        signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, sigint_signalhandler)
        signal.signal(signal.SIGQUIT, sigquit_signalhandler)
        signal.signal(signal.SIGHUP, sighup_signalhandler)

    def signal_handler(signalnum):
        print ('Ignoring signal : ', signalnum)

This is what the error looks like

import signalhandler
File "/usr/local/sandvine/scripts/upgrade-assistance/", line 10, in <module>
class SignalHandler(object):  # pylint:  disable=too-few-public-methods
File "/usr/local/sandvine/scripts/upgrade-assistance/", line 22, in SignalHandler
NameError: name 'SignalHandler' is not defined

So eventually i want to pass some custom methods, if not i will use signal_handler method provided by SignalHandler class.


Define signal_handler above the class as a plain method, not inside it as a static method. You can’t refer to a class before it’s been defined, which is what your __init__ is trying to do.

Alternatively, use self.signal_handler in the init body instead of SignalHandler.signal_handler:

class Foo(object):
    def __init__(self, bar_printer=None):
        self.bar_printer = bar_printer if bar_printer else self._default_bar_printer

    def _default_bar_printer():

f = Foo()
f.bar_printer()  # Prints "bar"

def better_bar_printer():
    print("The best bar!")

f2 = Foo(better_bar_printer)
f2.bar_printer()  # Prints "The best bar!"
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