BeautifulSoup doesn’t scrape all the data

I want to scrape all the comments in french on this website for all the pages (807) :

There are 16 121 comments in total (in french).

Here’s my script :

import requests
from requests import get
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

root_url = ''
urls = [ '{root}?page={i}'.format(root=root_url, i=i) for i in range(1,808) ]

comms = []
notes = []

for url in urls: 
    results = requests.get(url)

    soup = BeautifulSoup(results.text, "html.parser")

    commentary = soup.find_all('section', class_='review__content')

    for container in commentary:

            comm  = container.find('p', class_ = 'review-content__text').text.strip()

            comm = container.find('a', class_ = 'link link--large link--dark').text.strip()


        note = container.find('div', class_ = 'star-rating star-rating--medium').find('img')['alt']

data = pd.DataFrame({
    'comms' : comms,
    'notes' : notes

data['comms'] = data['comms'].str.replace('n', '')

data.to_csv('file.csv', sep=';', index=False)

But unfortunately, this script got me only 7261 comments as you could see here : output

And I don’t see why I couldn’t obtain all the comments ? The script doesn’t give me any error whatsoever so I’m kind of lost.

Any ideas ?



You are likely “rate-limited” by the website, so after 100+ call from the same IP address they start to block you and don’t send back any data. Your program doesn’t notice that because

for container in commentary:
    # all the rest

doesn’t do anything since commentary at this point is = []. You can check that by printing len(commentary)

You can check on the website what the rate limit is and add a time.sleep() accordingly in your loop. Alternatively, you can check that results == '<Response [200]>' otherwise use time.sleep(several minutes) to delay the next request call.

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