Can I turn off parallel jobs in Azure DevOps pipeline?

I am new to Azure pipelines. I am trying to create pipeline for deploying simple python application.
But I get error

No hosted parallelism has been purchased or granted

As I understand microsoft disabled the free grant of parallel jobs for public projects and for certain private projects in new organizations. But what if I don’t need parallel jobs? I need jobs just to run one after the other. Can I turn off using of parallel jobs?

I chose template “Python package” and set environment variables “python.version” only one version “3.7”. But it doesn’t help. I still have the same error

No hosted parallelism has been purchased or granted


Free tier supports 1 Parallel job which is 1 job only.
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See the microsoft’s defination of parallel job below-

What is a parallel job?
When you define a pipeline, you can define it as a collection of jobs. When a pipeline runs, you can run multiple jobs as part of that pipeline. Each running job consumes a parallel job that runs on an agent. When there aren’t enough parallel jobs available for your organization, the jobs are queued up and run one after the other.

As you rightly mentioned it’s temporarily disabled by msft for Private Projects. However, you can ask for granting access to the free job. This can take upto take 2-3 days for you to get access.
To request the free grant for public or private projects, submit a request here