Convert python 2 code to 3 in PyCharm

I have a large ML project in python 2 code and I just started using PyCharm as an IDE. I’m currently using WinPython 3.4 and I’d preferably like to do everything in python 3 instead of continue using legacy 2. When I cloned the project from git a popup in pycharm came up that was something along the lines of converting the code to 3 from 2 but I didn`t really think about it and exited it. How do I convert it?


I found a way in Pycharm IDE to convert file from v2 to v3 using 2to3 tool.

I applied in pycharm comunity edition v 2016.2.3 in windows environment.

  • click terminal in status bar Now, you are in shell command, in the root of your project.
  • type the command (to convert
2to3 -w

The tool modifies the code of the file, and your IDE is reflected with the changes.

To modify all your files in the folder, type the command

2to3 . -w

The option -w to actually write the changes. For more details write:

2to3 -h

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