Curl command (or headless python alternative) for scraping Bank Holding Company (FR Y-9C) data from new site?

In the past, bank Holding Company data on form FR Y-9C was easily downloadable from the Chicago website. A simple curl line would do the trick.

This has now changed, the repository originally going back to 1986 has now moved to this site. It requires clicking before one can download.

I want to download daily updates of the zip files (e.g. BHCF20210630.ZIP) using a headless Linux machine and avoid using selenium.

I tried to obtain the zip-file using the link below, and variations of that link, but alas, no result:’BHCF20210630.ZIP’


Thanks to the comments, Copy as curl does the job. For Firefox, I installed the cliget extension and followed this instruction for copy as curl. Download the file and cliget will alert you about the curl command.