discordpy suggestion command

My code:

async def suggest(ctx, suggestion):
    embed = discord.Embed(
        title = "New suggestion.",
        description = f"{suggestion}",
        color = 0,
        timestamp = ctx.message.created_at
    embed.set_footer(text='Requested by {} | ID-{}' .format(ctx.message.author, ctx.message.author.id))

    await ctx.guild.owner.send(embed=embed)
    await ctx.send("Suggestion sent to server owner.")

Problem with this command is that bot does not read the whole message, it reads only first word of it. For example I send this message: =suggest this is suggestion And bot sends embed to a owner only with the first word in this case it will send embed with only this and not whole sentence. If it is possible, how?


You can pass the keyword-only argument

async def suggest(ctx, *, suggestion):

Take a look at the introduction

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