Django or, which is better to build a large website with Python? [closed]

I’d like to use Python to build a website with more than 100,000 PV each day. Now what I concern is to choose which web framework. I know lots of people use Django, and some people use Django seems powerful, and I also like the simplicity of Which framework should I use? (Please introduce the performance and the maintenance complexity, thanks!) Can build complicated applications? Are there other frameworks better than these two?


Django makes building complicated sites really simple. Before Django, I was messing around with PHP, and I was doing a really terrible job putting it together. Django leads you in the right direction with some good practices which makes your site really easy to maintain and update. I really like the ORM and how you can easily work with data from the database without having to write a single line of SQL. It makes development less of a slog.

I don’t have any experience with, and I can’t compare the performance of the two. But you can’t go wrong with Django at least.