exec() not working inside function python3.x

I am trying to run this code but it seems that the exec() is not executing the string inside the function:

def abc(xyz):
    for i in fn_lst:
        s = 'temp=' + i + '(xyz)'
        print (temp)


The error I am receiving:

NameError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-23-099995c31c78> in <module>()
----> 1 abc('avdfbafadnf')

<ipython-input-21-80dc547cb34f> in abc(xyz)
      4         s = 'temp=' + i + '(word)'
      5         exec(s)
----> 6         print (temp)

NameError: name 'temp' is not defined

fn_lst is a list of function names i.e: ['has_at', 'has_num' ...]

Please let me know an alternative to exec() if possible in such a scenario.


Instead of using exec with function names, just keep the function objects in the list:

fn_lst = [has_at, has_num, ...]

and perform the call directly:

def abc(xyz):
    for i in fn_lst:
        temp= i(xyz)