extracting from a list

how can I extract each value from the list?

[['f', 'Mina', 'C'], ['f', 'Sara', 'java'], ['m', 'Omid', 'C++'], ['m', 'Hooman', 'python']]

I want the output be like this

f Mina C
f Sara java
m Omid C++
m Hooman python


Here you go! If you found this to solve your question, please accept the solution.

list_val =[['f', 'Mina', 'C'], ['f', 'Sara', 'java'], ['m', 'Omid', 'C++'], ['m', 
'Hooman', 'python']]

for j in  (list_val):
    print (j[0],j[1],j[2])

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