Filter data by column using user input value in python

I wanted to filter the data from a CSV file based on a value from the column SN. The column value is given by the user itself. I am using the below code but the same returns no values. Can someone please correct this? . The issue is in the line is_data = (data[‘SN’] == SN) The code works fine when I replace the SN with a value from the table

Below are the data and code data image

Expected output : Ex if the value is 1024314 the output should be expected output

   import pandas as pd
SN = input("insert SN number")


data = pd.read_csv("sample.csv")
is_data = (data['SN'] == SN)
data_filter = data[is_data]


input() returns a string and you are comparing it to integers. You should cast SN to integer:

data = pd.read_csv("sample.csv") is_data = (data['SN'] == int(SN))

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