Filter Pandas DataFrames Using Dynamic URL Query String

Currently i am having an question in python pandas. I want to filter a dataframe using url query string dynamically.

For eg: CSV:

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filtered_data = data[
    (data['Name'] == 'Sam') &
    (data['Age'] == 21) &
    (data['Gender'] == 'male') 

I don’t want to hard code the filter keys like before because the csv file changes anytime with different column headers. Any suggestions


Typically, your web framework will return the arguments in a dict-like structure. Let’s say your args are like this:

args = {
    'Name': ['Sam'],
    'Age': ['21'],         # Note that Age is a string
    'Gender': ['male']

You can filter your dataset successively like this:

for key, values in args.items():
    data = data[data[key].isin(values)]

However, this is likely not to match any data for Age, which may have been loaded as an integer. In that case, you could load the CSV file as a string via pd.read_csv(filename, dtype=object), or convert to string before comparison:

for key, values in args.items():
    data = data[data[key].astype(str).isin(values)]

Incidentally, this will also match multiple values. For example, take the URL — which leads to the structure:

args = {
    'Name': ['Sam', 'Ben'],    # There are 2 names
    'Age': ['21'],
    'Gender': ['male']

In this case, both Ben and Sam will be matched, since we’re using .isin to match.

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