Filter rows from a CSV file if row values are found in another CSV file

I found three questions giving a basis but I couldn’t create a code for this work, I would like some help because I really couldn’t create and I think it can be very useful for other people in the future. I’ll leave the three questions I tried to work on:

Filter rows in csv file based on another csv file and save the filtered data in a new file
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Python: Filtering CSV with conditions from another CSV

Data explanation:

CSV file name "Main.csv":

team1 v team2,match1,market1
team3 v team4,match2,market2
team5 v team6,match3,market3

CSV file name "parameter.csv": used as a parameter for the filter:

15,4,team1 v team2,match1
10,3,team5 v team6,match3

RULE: If the value of label and value are found exactly together in a row, so be present in the CSV final!

CSV expected and created after filter:

team1 v team2,match1,market1
team5 v team6,match3,market3


Try the following code with Pandas (I have added some comments for explanation):

import pandas as pd

#load the files to dataframes
main = pd.read_csv("Main.csv")
par = pd.read_csv("parameter.csv")

#transform the dataframes to lists of dictionaries

#create a list of dictionaries that use only 'label' and 'value' as keys
par_dict = [{'label':i['label'], 'value':i['value']} for i in par_dict]

#search for records in main that the pair of label-value exists in the previous list
result = [i for i in main_dict if {'label':i['label'], 'value':i['value']} in par_dict]

#change back to dataframe and save to csv

result.to_csv('resut.csv', index=False)